गुरु ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णु गुरुर्देवो महेश्वर: |
गुरु: साक्षात्परब्रम्ह तस्मै श्री गुरवे नमः ||


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About Mandir

The early of 1987, I came here to see the plot behind sai mandir. On my way I just met kapoor sahab, he was conducting coal shop there and he asked me "How come you came here?" and I replied that I went there to inspect the plot with an intention to buy, then he suggested that I was on wrong way and corrected me to go from the other side. On other way, I found a well. I took rest there under the tree mounted on that well. Suddenly I looked at the Shiv Mandir in front of me and I prayed "Hey Lord Shiv! Please bless me with that house, I will make my Sai Baba mandir in front of it."
It had been almost two months, my friend Munna Thakur came to me and told me about the new house for sale in Chandganj. We went there and it was just unbelievable that it was the same house what I prayed to lord Shiv. I was on the seventh heaven But was little nervous too as the cost of the house was out of my budget. I was also trying my best to get it. My friends were just compeling me to say "Yes" and promised me that everything will be managed. I did the same and handovered all the money which I had and finally I got the registry for the plot. I was really thankful to our lord shiv and also sticked to my commitment.In 1990, I put the boundary wall and gate around the shiv mandir and kept making the sprint for mandir premise.
Finally, Sai mandir was founded in 1993. A Lot of difficulties came on the way but I was determined to do it. Another experience that always bring tears to my eyes was related to the Sai Baba's idol. My friend (Shushil Kr Srivastav) and me planned to go Jaipur. We reached Jaipur in early morning and kept looking the market from day to night but didn't get what we were expecting. Suddenly I clapped my eyes on one Sai Baba's idol in a shop. It was really heart touching but the cost of idol was not affordable. We bargained but didn't come to the conclusion. We came empty handed to the hotel. I was really disappointed. Next day, we got up early and I prayed to sai baba "Baba, the idol, I saw yestersday, have taken place to my heart. I need you to come to my mandir what I made with lots of love and efforts."
We again came to idol market at 10 AM. We were looking here and there. Suddenly A young boy came to me and asking what I was looking for. I replied that we were looking for Sai Baba's Idol. He asked us to follow him and we did so. Finally we came back to same shop. I told him we had already come here but deal was not done, still he was asking us to come inside the shop. Now shopkeeper gave the Idol on the same cost what he denied the day before. It was miracle for me, I was looking for that young boy but we didn't find him again.

I was experiencing some thing that wishpered my eyes again, I felt and heard the voice of my Sai Baba telling that let me take with you to your mandir as well as your heart. At last I would like to say all the devotees that Sai Baba is very kind and always take care of all who come in thier shelter. Sai baba's two words "श्रद्धा और सबुरी " (Devotion & Patience) is enough to keep you stand out of the devout sea.

- Shri Kamal Kishore Srivastav